Cockpit Voice Recorder for Lion Air 610 Found

The two and a half-month effort to locate the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from Lion Air Flight 610 has yielded the prize. The CVR of the Lion Air crash was located about 160 feet away from where the other black box, the flight data recorder, was found. It was buried in 26 feet of mud according to reports.

The device was kept submerged in sea water while being transported to Jakarta for further examination and ultimately to reveal the information contained within it. Investigators hope hearing the interactions of the cockpit crew will shed additional light on what occurred during the short flight.

FDR showed the crew battled against a system that caused the aircraft to pitch down 30 times in ten minutes. But hearing the crew interactions will help determine what the pilots were thinking and how they attempted to handle the problem.

Downloading and analyzing the information may take several months, Indonesian officials have indicated.

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