Does Your Company Have the X-Factor?

pic_joyfinneganEditors Note: Joy Finnegan, Editor-In-Chief

Why are some companies creative, successful, fun and interesting places to work? While are others stuck in a rut? There is no easy answer to those questions. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the type of work the company does—be they in aviation or not. Most likely you’ve all had jobs at each type of company.

Walk into one workplace and the energy is palpable. People are present, in the best sense of that word, meaning that they are tuned into what is happening and they are making things happen. They are collaborative, communicative and appreciative. Walk into the other kind of workplace and you can feel the weight of it. A client might wonder, “Does anybody here want to help me?” It’s hard to get a straight answer even when you finally find someone to ask, your ideas and comments are dismissed and you wonder how they stay in business.

One thing I have seen in the past decade covering the aviation maintenance business is that companies that stay in this business and have the most success are those that are the first kind—collaborative, communicative and appreciative. A company’s culture is crucial to having happy employees and success. Companies that have this positive culture have it from the highest levels all the way to the most junior, entry-level employee. It permeates the premises.

We all want to work for a company that is on this A-list. But when the economy is chugging slowly, and you find yourself at one of those other companies and no prospects for job-hopping to the A-list company, you have to stay put. But never fear. You can make a difference. As a manager or lead, you can have an impact on the culture, if not for the entire company, then at least for those who report directly to you.

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