Comply365 to Streamline Digital Document Operation for Prescott Support

Aviation software leader Comply365 is pleased to welcome its newest customer, Prescott Support, who will rely on Comply365’s cloud-based document and compliance management system to transform their digital operations. Pilots will access critical operational content, record their compliance, and send important data through electronic forms using Comply365’s mobile platform.

Headquartered in South Carolina, Prescott is an air cargo charter and air freight company specializing in time-critical, high-value, and outsized goods. They transport cargo and passengers to remote, unimproved locations typically not served by traditional air carriers, serving more than 126 locations across 60 countries.

“We were looking for a single solution to use across the enterprise that could scale with us as we continue to grow,” said Duncan Wolford, Vice President of Flight Operations at Prescott Support. “The efficiencies the Comply365 solution brings will support us in better managing our operation with compliance tracking and ensuring our pilots are always accessing the latest versions of their manuals.”

Pilots at Prescott needed a better mobile document viewer with global search capabilities, as well as to track compliance and complete forms that would not just send an email but instead kick off an automated workflow. The carrier also needed offline capabilities as they face connectivity challenges in remote areas across the globe.

Using Comply365’s mobile app, pilots will be able to search across all their manuals at once and be able to add personal annotations, bookmarks, and highlights that will be retained whenever a document is updated.

Flight crew members will be able to send data back to the operations team through forms that will automatically be routed to the appropriate staff and be easily tracked. Prescott will be able to deliver content and personalized notifications based on roles and drive higher rates of compliance with reporting insights.

“I’m happy to welcome Prescott Support to our Comply365 community, which continues to grow users in the air cargo segment as operators seek more efficient operations to meet the global supply chain challenges,” Comply365 CEO Tom Samuel said. “We look forward to providing pilots and flight crew members at Prescott with a wonderful end-user experience that makes their routine and non-routine job tasks easier.”