Continuum Releases Corridor V11.4

Continuum Applied Technology has released Version 11.4 of its Corridor aviation service software. The new version introduces features that facilitate a smoother workflow process across aviation maintenance service operations.

“We plan releases to consistently provide enhancements and features consistent with our users’ feedback and observed process inefficiencies that Corridor can directly impact,” said Jason Buhro, director of Software Engineering at Continuum, addeding, “With Version 11.4, some of the new features stemmed from our relationships and collaboration with Camp Systems and Component Control, whose product provides a valuable integrated tool for Corridor users.”

New features and enhancements in Version 11.4 include:

Customer Portal Enhancements – The Corridor Customer Portal provides a tool for Corridor businesses to communicate with their customers to provide online quote approval, status updates, and more. Version 11.4 provides additional filters, display controls and data download options for maximized customer service.
Work Order Features – With V11.4, the Work Order module was enhanced to automate manual steps involved with in-house service. Users can chain together work from one work order to another, facilitating the rollup of cost and revenue involved with complex assemblies and their related sub-assemblies. This feature is key for completion centers and back shops as the system removes the need for administrative personnel to track the rollup of components and assemblies manually to the originating airframe. Additionally, each service being performed in-house (or by a vendor) can be automatically converted into an exchange sale with the click of a button.
Training & Qualifications Module Improvements – The Training & Qualifications module gained simpler employee experience tracking, as well as improved course status tracking for multiple employees.
CAMP Integration Enhancements – Corridor’s integration with CAMP now provides a “Findings” tab, full download of related tasks with enhanced visibility of their nested structure, and additional User Interface improvements. Integration – Now accessible from Corridor’s Inventory and Part Procurement modules, is a real-time part trading environment. Through the new integration in V11.4, Corridor users are provided visibility of a specific part’s current availability and direct access to the site to investigate further and contact vendor or manufacturer matches.

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