DAC Gets STC for EFB

DAC International (DAC), has been granted a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the GKN Aerospace-Fokker business EFB for iPad solution including DAC International’s Tablet Adapter Interface Unit (TAIU) for the Airbus A320 aircraft. The standard EFB for iPad solution offers two mounts in the cockpit and charging. As an option a free programmable one-way data connection with the ARINC-429 bus and charging is offered via DAC International’s GDC64 TAIU. This customer opted for displaying the own ship position on the iPad, derived from the aircraft Flight Management System (FMS).

“We’re really excited to be part of this STC and Fokker’s possibility to offer this to its customers worldwide. Using aircraft data on the EFB in the cockpit gives endless possibilities to improve and simplify cockpit procedures and benefit from real time data.” said Cisco Hernandez, president of DAC International.

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