Debris from Delta Flight Falls Over Section of Nashville

Nashville neighborhood residents reported an aircraft was raining debris over their neighborhood. The Delta flight reportedly rained debris down on cars during an emergency landing, after requesting a return to the airport

Delta Flight 2599 left from Nashville International Airport (BNA) at around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 25, but was forced to circle back after experiencing an “engine issue” in midair, according to Delta.

The plane was carrying 149 passengers and landed safely back at Nashville. But apparently, debris fell loose from the aircraft and landed across the parking lot of a hose-supply business in Donelson.

“There were businesses up the street that also had shrapnel, had busted windows,” Kerry Walters, an employee with Nashville Rubber and Gasket, told Nashville news station, WSMV. “It’s very concerning that planes are maybe not inspected the way they should be before takeoff.” Walters says her car, and the cars of co-workers, were dinged by the debris. A spokesperson for BNA admitted the debris was a result of the emergency landing, according to WSMV. Both Airport police and Nashville Metro Police helped clear the debris.

Delta is reportedly investigating the incident and a spokesperson for the airline has apologized to passengers. “Delta flight 2599 flying from Nashville to Atlanta returned to Nashville after an engine issue,” the airline added in a statement obtained by the Fox News station. “The flight landed without incident. We aware of the reports of debris and are working with officials in conjunction with those who may have been impacted.

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