Delta Flight Has Engine Fire/Loss of Power

Earlier this week on Monday July 9, one of Delta’s venerable but elderly MD-88 aircraft, Flight 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore, experienced a loss of power and engine fire. Dramatic video taken from inside the cabin shows the engine with the nosecone still partially attached but bouncing around in the inlet.

The incident occurred en route and after about an hour in to the flight, the captian said they would make an emergency landing. One passenger reported being “woken up by a loud bang, ‘like a rattling sound.’” Subsequently, passengers said the cabin filled with smoke and they could smell “something burning.”

Passengers said the flight attendants did a good job of keeping everyone calm after the initial “boom.” The flight landed without further incident at Raleigh Durham Airport. Delta’s maintenance team in Atlanta is reportedly evaluating the damaged engine. See video:



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