Delta TechOps Chooses WiN MS Advanced Cable Fault Detection Solutions

Delta TechOps has ordered 10 WiN MS AERO Smart-R kits to support the main Delta TechOps’ aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities worldwide. The AERO Smart-R kit is a troubleshooting tool that helps maintenance teams to quickly locate in situ any faults in an aircraft’s wiring harness.
Troubleshooting faults during maintenance overhauls is extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive. WiN MS says it AERO Smart-R kit solution can detect and locate both permanent and hard-to-locate transient faults without dismantling components to inspect the cables. The company says their tool cuts service time by a factor of five, reducing aircraft downtime and increasing the productivity of the electrical maintenance teams, as well as helping to avoid unnecessary replacement of components.
“AERO Smart-R is already used by many leading aeronautic companies throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, so we are confident that Delta TechOps will quickly see the cost-savings our tool enables,” said Arnaud Peltier, CEO of WiN MS. “We also look forward to working closely with Delta TechOps as we continue adding features and innovations to our solutions.”
The WiN MS unique technology was developed by the CEA LIST, a public research institute near Paris specialized in digital systems design. The initial meetings between WiN MS and Delta TechOps were brokered by the French Tech Hub, which under the aegis of the French Ministry of Finance, helps small and medium sized French companies with high- growth potential enter U.S. markets.

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