E-drill Systems Rollout Globally to USMC

US Marine Corps aviation support units around the world have taken delivery of 16 E-drill Systems, manufactured by Perfect Point EDM (PPEDM), along with tool kits specificallydesigned to support the MV-22. These E-drill Systems have been fielded at the most critical points in the MarineCorps’ logistics chain to help get these assets back in the air and in the fight.

In referring to the E-drill, Cpl. Derrick Taylor, a structure mechanic with Marine Air Logistics Station 26 in New River, NC said, “It is very important in our job because it [removing fasteners] is 60 percent of what we do . . . work is a lot more efficient with less tool marks, the gear comes out cleaner.”

e-drill Fastener removal represents roughly 60 percent of the labor cost on aircraft structural maintenance, repair, and overhaul programs. Typically, E-drill removes a hard-metal fastener in ten seconds versus five minutes with a traditional twist – drill, depending on the precise application. PPEDM’s Jim Becker Training MALS 26 Marines on E-drill [source: USMC].

Shortly after this enterprise- wide rollout of E-drills, Perfect Point was called in to consult on a difficult panel removal project. Not only did E-drill shave two weeks off this important maintenance task, but it prevented the costly panel from being permanently scrapped out.

“E-drill offers the evolutionary, must-have solution to the rising cost ofairframe and engine maintenance for military and commercial OEMs, operators, and MROs,” says Larry Harrell, Perfect Point CEO. E-drill’s patented design delivers forceless electro-discharge machining (EDM) cutting for repeatable accuracy and effectiveness on a scale that conventional aerospace drilling cannot achieve. E-drill cuts downtime for AOG repairs by half or more, increases productivity, decreases damage and scrap rates, reduces labor costs, and protects mechanics from exposure to harmful chemicals and bodily injury to shoulders, hands, and hearing.

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