Embraer, Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services sign an MoU to Pursue Defense, Development and Support Opportunities

Embraer, Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU opens opportunities to explore for a broad range of activities in the Defense, Commercial and Support markets.

“Embraer is an ideal partner for this collaboration. Our heritage and deep understanding of aircraft products and solutions will allow us to bring a unique perspective to the many development areas that Embraer is investigating,” Roland van Dijk, CEO of Fokker Techniek.

“Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services are well-known and reputable aerospace companies with roots in building aircraft and supporting aircraft fleets worldwide. Their network, experience and worldwide recognized aviation tradition will be a perfect match with Embraer Services and Support. We believe together we can service our customers better with tailor-made solutions,” said Johann Bordais, president & CEO, Embraer Services & Support.

In the coming months, Embraer, Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek will discuss a variety of opportunities and look to leverage their respective expertise and capabilities in new projects. For Defense, this includes C-390 Millennium transport aircraft and potential specific end-user requirements as well as future fleet support. “Whether it’s the Defense market with our support for the C-390 Millennium transport aircraft or any type of Support or Development in Commercial market, we are confident that many exciting projects will arise over the coming years,” said Menzo van der Beek, CEO of Fokker Services.

“There is huge potential for both companies in the development of opportunities together. This is a very important step on Embraer’s strategy to establish meaningful and strategic partnerships around the globe,” said Jackson Schneider, President & CEO, Embraer Defense & Security. Other opportunities for Defense are under discussion such as Conversion and Completion of Special Mission and Special Transportation aircraft. In the Commercial aviation market, engineering and logistic support will be key elements to be explored, in addition to Hydrogen Powered Aircraft development. Finally, for aftermarket support topics, such as program support, logistics, repair services and all other support opportunities, will also be reviewed.

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