EmpowerMX Awarded Major Multi-Year SaaS Contract from MRO Holdings

EmpowerMX, the leading provider of cloud-based software used by the world’s airlines, MROs, and OEMs to more efficiently plan, execute, and optimize aircraft maintenance, has been awarded a major multi-year software as a service (SaaS) subscription contract from MRO Holdings, the largest provider of airframe maintenance in the Americas.

MRO Holdings serves many of the largest and most respected airlines and freight carriers in the world from its facilities (Aeroman, TechOps MX, Flightstar, North State) strategically located throughout North and Central America.

“Our partnership-oriented approach and focus on operational excellence have allowed us to provide our clients industry leading performance metrics, but we are always pursuing new and innovative ways to enhance value,” said Greg Colgan, CEO of MRO Holdings. “EmpowerMX is best suited to drive significant efficiency gains throughout our entire business, accelerate the digitization of our operations, and support better alignment with the evolving industry needs.”

Myles Nichols, COO of MRO Holdings added, “As the industry standard, EmpowerMX delivers an end-to-end cloud-based system that integrates time tracking, materials management, and workforce optimization, and seamlessly interfaces with the systems of our customers. The software offers a compelling ROI and myriad of benefits including real-time insights, data-driven visibility into project and task completions, greater labor efficiencies, and digitization of paper-based processes – all of which are expected to result in faster turnaround times and increased aircraft availability for our clients.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to deploy EmpowerMX throughout MRO Holdings, a world class operator and leader in aviation maintenance,” commented Dinakara Nagalla, CEO. “We appreciate MRO Holdings’ commitment to EmpowerMX and look forward to serving as the company’s long-term partner to drive digital MRO and enhanced efficiencies.“

“MRO Holdings chose EmpowerMX’s software solutions as a key element to support their strategic growth plans, which reinforces our position as a leader in accelerating the industry’s digital transformation,” said Jim Sturgis, COO at EmpowerMX. “This multi-year contract is a strong affirmation of our product strength, and ability to lead the next wave of change in aviation MRO with our digital platform and connected workforce solutions. Aviation is a resilient industry and has shown time and again its ability to recover after being impacted by significant world events, and these contracts support our belief in the industry’s recovery, and continual drive for improvement.”

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