Engine Assurance Program (EAP) Awards Duncan Aviation 20 TFE731 engines for MPI and CZI

Engine Assurance Program (EAP), the high-quality hourly maintenance program for operators of Honeywell, General Electric, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engines, has agreed to send 20 TFE731 engines to Duncan Aviation for MPI, CZI and unscheduled events over the next 12 months.

EAP’s hourly engine maintenance program covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including life-limited parts, LRUs, R&R, shipping, rentals, line maintenance, trend monitoring and catastrophic coverage while boasting a 99.99 percent dispatch reliability rate. EAP supports all variants of the TFE731 engine and their APUs which power many of today’s most popular business jets.

“EAP and Duncan Aviation have worked closely for several years, and we have had four engines through Duncan Aviation’s shop in the last 30 days for scheduled and unscheduled events. This partnership is providing great results for clients, so we have agreed to send Duncan Aviation 20 TFE731 engines over the next 12 months for their respective shop visits,” said Sean Lynch, EAP program coordinator.

Duncan Aviation is a Honeywell-authorized TFE731 Line/Major/Heavy Level service provider with a Honeywell certified 20,000-lb., thrust-class turbofan engine test cell and state-of-the-art control room housed in its modern 20,000-square-foot turbine engine facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“Our relationship with EAP has organically grown over the years. This has greatly benefited both companies as well as aircraft owners. Over that timeframe, we have developed a good understanding of EAP’s company values and how well they align with our own values. As a Honeywell-authorized facility we utilize parts authorized or provided through the OEM. This is the same quality expectation that EAP has for its customers,” stated Ryan Huss, Duncan Aviation VP of Sales.

“We’re aligned both technically and culturally,” added Lynch. “We don’t just take care of engines; we take care of people. Duncan Aviation shares this same customer-centric philosophy, which is why we’re excited to bring this partnership to customers. They’ll provide the high-quality product that we expect for our clients and great service.”

In addition to dispatch reliability, EAP says it provides customers with increased residual value of their aircraft, enhanced customer service and meaningful cost savings.