ERAU Aviation Maintenance Students Train with Airbus

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University says four Aviation Maintenance Science (AMS) students  recently traveled to Miami to participate in a course focused on the Airbus A320. This course is generally reserved for working professionals.

Approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the course offers an overview of the Airbus A320’s engine, airframe and avionics systems.

“Usually, an individual technician would not be doing the course without employer sponsorship, due to the high cost,” says Christopher Piccone, AMS instructor.

The four students, however, were selected based on their academic performance, as well as their service to the Society of Aerospace Technicians (SAT) and Embry-Riddle’s AMS department. They earned scholarships from the Airbus Training Center.

“This opportunity will be helpful in my career. I’m so grateful I’ve been given this chance,” says AMS senior Zening Loh (shown above), who is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “Not only is this my first experience on transport category aircraft, but also it’s my first time learning anything outside of regular classes and labs.”

The three other recipients are AMS seniors Cameron Pike, of Dunnellon, Florida, and Tristan Anderson, of Oviedo, Florida; and AMS junior Joseph Sonish, of Ibadan, Nigeria.

All of the students are members of SAT. Loh and Anderson are also on Embry-Riddle’s 2020 Aerospace Maintenance Science competition team. SAT will cover the students’ travel and hotel costs.

Learning about the Airbus A320 will be a valuable addition to the students’ skillsets, Piccone added.

“I expect the industry will be favoring more efficient single-aisle aircraft like the A320 family over the next few years,” Piccone said. “I believe Airbus’s intention is to expose the students to the A320 aircraft and that Airbus is looking to the future by giving that exposure to upcoming technicians.”

Airbus Americas Quality Manager Frank Johnson said the course will put the students in line for employment at Airbus or with its business partners.

“Mastery of the theoretical examinations combined with an introduction to Airbus design and safety philosophies will make a student a prime candidate for entry-level maintenance positions at our airline and maintenance, repair and operations customer base,” said Johnson.

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