Falko and GE Aviation Sign Asset Transfer System Agreement for Leasing Market

GE Aviation has signed an agreement with Falko Regional Aircraft Limited to provide the AirVault Asset Transfer System across its portfolio of Regional Aircraft including Bombardier, Embraer, BAe Systems and ATR airplanes. The implementation is expected to start in Q4, 2019.
“Falko’s fleet is constantly evolving to meet their customer needs. We’re helping them to streamline technical records to enhance their ability to strengthen their asset lifecycle management across the fleet,” said Gib Bosworth, global lessor director for GE Aviation.
“We are excited to partner with GE’s AirVault Asset Transfer System in order to complement Falko’s exiting Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization to manage the transfer of aircraft records between Lessor and Lessee. The platform offered by AirVault ATS will help consolidate large amount of data and significantly enhance our ability to support new and existing customers” said Ian Dear, vice president of Technical Operations for Falko Regional Aircraft Ltd.
The Asset Transfer System is a collaborative tool that streamlines and simplifies the way that leased asset documentation is managed between airlines and lessors by allowing operators to organize records in accordance with industry standard. The system enhances the efficiency of lease returns several ways by helping operators harmonize and standardize files, perform collaborative document reviews with their lessor partners, and transfer files through an intuitive digital user interface which includes SPEC 2500 functionality.

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