FerrooECOBlast Acquires New Assets

FerroECOBlast, a manufacturer of surface treatment machinery, has brought a new asset to their facility. They acquired a Bombardier CRJ 200 ER passenger jet, took out some components to their testing laboratory where their engineers will use the parts to develop new technologies and applications which in the future could help improve parts’ safety and extend the durability of aerospace materials.

The aircraft was then transported to their headquarters in what was one of the most challenging extraordinary transports in the history of Slovenia. The jet has already become an attraction and will be used as a very unique meeting room. “Too bad we didn’t have the place for a bigger plane, as we could have hosted our FerroECOBlast Academy aboard. But having a meeting on a passenger jet is quite impressive on it’s own!” says Mojca Andolšek, FerroECOBlast’s CEO.

FerroECOBlast says it has been heavily investing in research and development in the aviation sector over last few years. “We don’t only produce machines for our customers – we provide them with complete solutions and real knowledge,” says Aljaž Molek, FerroECOBlast’s in-house shot peening expert. “Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we attain once they begin using our high-quality products. We strive to have flawless products as there is no room for mistakes, especially when it comes to the aviation industry, where there is a lot at stake.”

FerroECOBlast delivers complete turn-key solutions to MRO workshops where jet engine blades and other aircraft components come for repair. They provide complete surface treatment solutions including, besides machine design and production, installation, operator and maintenance personnel training as well as technical consulting. “We provide tailor made solutions and always deliver them together in conjunction with installation, training and consulting. Our employees are highly educated and most of us have been certified by the FAA for shot peening,” Molek continues. “We want to understand the process itself to really help our customers, not just sell equipment. One of our latest installations was done for an MRO workshop dealing with engine parts – engine blades and vanes, to be precise. When the coating is removed, vanes are inspected for cracks and repaired. After inspection, shot peening is preformed to reduce residual stresses and prevent the occurrence of corrosion. After shot peening, grit blasting with fine aluminium oxide (30 microns) is performed with a separate machine and finally the part is ready for new metal or ceramic coating. If both coatings are to be applied on a vane, grit blasting needs to be performed between coatings as well.”

The company also has:

Automatic Shot Peening Machine
Pre-Coat Robotic Grit Blasting Machine

In the last few years FerroECOBlast says it has made a big step forward in its technological, marketing and R&D departments. They also started hosting their yearly “Share & Succeed Business Conference” for partners from all over the world, where they teach and share new technologies, projects and business opportunities to succeed in different markets and industries. “We are a family company, so we treat our business partners and customers like family members. We believe that trust and respect are of utmost importance for a successful long-term partnership,” – concludes Andolšek.


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