Fire on Ground Aboard Air China A330

Earlier today (August 27, 2019), an Airbus A330-300 operated by Air China was damaged when a fire ignited and took off into the passenger section of the aircraft.

The aircraft, with registration B-5958, was preparing to depart when the fire began and an evacuation was required. It is unclear if passengers had been on board or not, but circulated videos show the crew evacuating through the jet bridge, while smoke billowed from the top of the fuselage of the aircraft.

It has been reported the fire started in the cargo hold of the aircraft, then spread to the passenger cabin.

The airline posted about the incident on Weibo (similar to Twitter) by saying, “Smoke was detected during boarding in the storage unit of flight CA183, which was set to fly from Beijing to Tokyo. Crew members and airport staff have successfully put out the smoke. We are investigating the cause of the incident.”


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