FL Technics Signs CAMO Support Agreement with Somon Air

FL Technics has signed a four-year long CAMO support agreement with Somon Air, the first private airline in Tajikistan. FL Technics will also provide the carrier with engine condition monitoring services.
Under the long-term agreement, FL Technics will support the Tajikistani carrier’s Boeing 737NG and CL fleet with complete Continuing Airworthiness Management services. FL Technics will assist Somon Air in the process of setting up and implementing Commsoft‘s OASES MRO IT system, which the company feels will make a step towards the launch of an in-house Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization. At a later stage FL Technics is to provide Somon Air consulting services related to aircraft engineering, maintenance and shop visits. Currently, the Tajikistani carrier operates a fleet of two Boeing 737CL and four Boeing 737NG.
“We have been working with Somon Air for several years now, and we are very grateful for the trusting cooperation between our companies,” comments Kestutis Volungevicius, head of Engineering and Training at FL Technics. ”Now, both parties are ready to open a new chapter in the relationship. Together with Commsoft we will help Somon Air implement one of the most efficient CAMO systems whilst the entire process will be supported by our highly skilled and experienced professionals.” See related story page 10.
“With the sustainable development of Somon Air, we see the acquisition of CAMO approval as an achievable goal and we are happy to rely on such trusted and professional long-term partner as FL Technics to support us in every single activity towards this goal, including IT system implementation as well as CAMO support during the transition period and technical training,” explains Robert Bryant, the Engineering and Maintenance director of Somon Air.
Apart from the cooperation in the CAMO area, FL Technics will support Somon Air with engine condition monitoring services allowing to track the performance of CFM56-3 and CFM56-7 engines.

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