FL Technics Training joins European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee

FL Technics was recently accepted to become a member of the European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee (EAMTC). By joining the EAMTC the company says it has expressed its commitment towards supporting the organization on its mission to promote European aviation safety standards through training both regionally and globally.

EAMTC is a Netherlands-based non-profit association which comprises various aviation maintenance training organizations from Europe and other regions across the world. It is the only organization of the kind in the Old Continent, and the only non-U. S. association of aviation maintenance training organizations in the world. Being a member of EAMTC, FL Technics Training will use the opportunity to contribute and share its technical training experience while taking part in various workshops, round tables and other expert discussions hosted by the organization.

“Ensuring the daily safety of flights requires the devotion of all individuals involved in aviation, whether it is a technician, an engineer or a manager. That is why we clearly understand the importance and the impact the training segment has on the entire industry. Becoming a member of the Committee is an important step for us as it allows us to be even more involved in the ongoing development of European aviation and, along with our colleagues, to support the spread of European safety standards both inside and outside the region,” comments Kestutis Volungevicius, head of FL Technics Training.

“We are delighted to see FL Technics Training amongst the members of EAMTC. We are certain that their experience and expertise will bring a valuable contribution to the mission and goals of our organization. By uniting the key players of the European aviation training segment, we aim to establish a stronger cooperation within the industry thus ensuring more effective development of new safety standards and practices as well as their implementation in every aspect of the aviation business, starting from training,” shared Ian Williams, the president of EAMTC.

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