Frontier Flight Returns to Airport After Cowling Shreds

One hundred and sixty-six passengers got a fright Friday morning when a cowling came loose on an engine in flight. The cowling, and thrust reverser covers, shredded.

The flight was headed to Tampa, Fla. from Las Vegas, Nevada when the incident occurred and returned to Las Vegas without further incident.

All passengers and crew on board were reported to be fine and no injuries. Here is the Frontier statement:

“During takeoff on Frontier flight 260 from Las Vegas to Tampa this morning, a section of an engine cover called a cowling came loose and separated from the aircraft. Our pilots followed procedure and immediately returned to the airport. The engine continued to operate normally and the aircraft, an Airbus 320, landed safely. Safety is our top priority at Frontier Airlines and we would like to acknowledge the professionalism of our pilots and flight attendants. We are working to get our passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible.”

Passengers were given a refund, plus a $500 voucher for future travel on Frontier, and they said they are covering the full cost of re-booking them on other airlines.

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