GE Aviation, Services Launches TrueChoice Product Suite

TrueChoice, a suite of engine maintenance offerings for the commercial aviation industry from GE Aviation, Services was unveiled in April. GE says the program emphasizes their breadth and depth of capabilities and customization across the entire engine lifecycle.
“The TrueChoice brand reflects the foundation of our services business,” said Kevin McAllister, president and CEO of GE Aviation, Services. “True represents our commitment to our airline, lessor and MRO customers to continually invest in product and services technology throughout the engine lifecycle.
“Choice belongs to our customers, who are at the heart of our offerings,” he continued. “Choice reflects our unparalleled scope of offerings for customers, and GE’s tailored services options for each customers’ unique and evolving needs across the entire engine lifecycle. It also speaks to our long-standing support of MRO choice in which customers have the freedom to choose among GE, GE-licensed, or fully independent, third-party maintenance providers.”
The TrueChoice suite includes four families of products and services offerings. TrueChoice Flight Hour consisting of customized offerings that help optimize cost of ownership over the entire lifecycle with flexible risk transfer and payment options. TrueChoice Overhaul which is a time and material overhaul option with tailored workscopes specific to shop visit objectives, economic priorities and ownership horizon. TrueChoice Material which encompasses new and used OEM parts, repairs and technology upgrades for airlines and MROs. And TrueChoice Transitions, a range of options for changing ownership, including green time leases, exchanges and material buy-back, plus custom workscopes with shorter builds and maximum used material.
For lessors, GE offers products specifically designed to accommodate a change in owner or operator.
GE Aviation say they will use their emerging capability and experience with data analytics to offer insights in each of the TrueChoice offerings with the goal of a reduced maintenance burden and fewer service disruptions for customers.
“Big Data is transforming our business,” McAllister said. “It combines our depth of aviation product knowledge with rapidly growing digital capabilities. This marriage of physics and analytics is delivering better customer outcomes faster.”

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