GMF & AFI KLM E&M Agree on A Strategic Partnership

PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk (GMF) and Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) have signed a strategic partnership agreement. In the “Indonesia Investment Forum 2018” organized by the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, President & CEO of GMF, Iwan Joeniarto and EVP AIR FRANCE KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Anne Brachet signed the agreement witnessed directly by the President of Republic Indonesia, Joko Widodo, government officials of Republic Indonesia and the ambassadors. These two world-class Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies have agreed to collaborate to strengthen their position in the highly competitive aircraft maintenance industry. This collaboration is designed to develop & improve quality systems and GMF capabilities and to strengthen the footprint of AFI KLM E&M in Asia.

President & CEO of GMF Iwan Joeniarto said that the strategic partnership with AFI KLM E&M is a big step for GMF to be able to grow. He also highlighted the high level of expertise as well as the competitiveness of AFI KLM E&M. “The appointment of AFI KLM E&M as a strategic partner has passed through the selection stage. Previously, we have made an in-depth analysis of this potential strategic partner. AFI KLM E&M is the most suitable partner for GMF’s needs in terms of branding, quality and high company value,” Iwan explained.

Iwan Joeniarto also said that with strategic partnership with AFI KLM E&M, GMF hopes to increase customer trust. “AFI KLM E&M’s brand who already well-known worldwide is expected to be able to attract a bigger market to GMF,” he said. Moreover, according to him, GMF currently wants to strengthen its position to be able to achieve its vision as Top 10 MRO in The World in next 3 years, by keeping its exceptional works to deliver both technical excellence and build a strong partnership. “We are trying to deliver tailored solutions, ultimate facility, and excellence quality with reasonable manhour rate to our customers.  With this partnership we believe we could leverage our new brand image as a total solutions MRO provider,” Iwan added.

“We are convinced that this partnership is the right strategic move for AFI KLM E&M,” says Anne Brachet, EVP of AIR FRANCE KLM Engineering & Maintenance. “The combination of our strengths and footprints is an asset for our existing and future customers. It will grant us an even better position in the Asia Pacific MRO market where the needs are booming.”

For his part, Ton Dortmans, EVP KLM Engineering & Maintenance said the company has worked closely and successfully with GMF for many years and it was natural for them to move up a stage and consolidate their partnership.

And Gery Mortreux, EVP Air France Industries to conclude: “we are delighted with this promising partnership and the large opportunities it will bring to all parties.”

Previously, in 2017, GMF & AFI KLM E&M signed a Strategic Partnership Letter of Intent. The scope of cooperation between the two parties covers the improvement of GMF’s upgraded quality system, capability development in the Airframe, Engine & Aircraft Component sectors.

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