GORE Introduces New High Performance Aerospace Wires

W. L. Gore & Associates announced a new solution that meets higher voltages as the trend continues towards aircraft electrification to reduce the impact of air transport on the environment. GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires, GWN3000 Series, deliver a combination of mechanical strength and electrical reliability without increasing wire bundle size or weight, the company says.

Ensure System Reliability over Time

GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires, GWN3000 Series, provide a higher level of mechanical and electrical performance over time in current and next-gen aircraft. They ensure EWIS (electrical wire interconnection systems) reliability, increase operational readiness, improve safety and reduce total lifecycle costs, according to the company.

The GWN3000 Series meets and even exceeds new rigorous industry standards that require higher levels of electrical and mechanical durability for wire bundles operating in extreme aerospace environments.

“We’re excited to offer a single, long-term solution to the industry that can solve complex EWIS challenges in today’s and next-gen aircraft,” said Jim Carothers, product manager.

New-generation engines and aerodynamic optimization have lowered fuel burn during the past half century of jet-age travel. However, recent efficiency and environmental gains are incremental compared to the paradigm shift inherent in an eventual transition to all-electric aircraft. That revolution and the near-term steps required to achieve it rely not just on new battery technology, but also the ability to deliver power sufficient to replace current systems based on combustion, hydraulics or pneumatics.

Gore’s chemically inert wire insulation does not degrade after exposure to harsh chemicals or humidity, the company says. The GWN3000 Series also reduces the risk of chafing, abrasion, and cut-through failures while easily tolerating wide temperature ranges. This new wire insulation meets mechanical, electrical, and material stability needs in one solution for complex wiring systems in commercial and defense aircraft.

For more information about the GWN3000 Series of GORE High Performance Aerospace Wires for commercial and defense aircraft, visit gore.com/highperformancewires.

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