GROB Systems Introduces New Universal Machining Center

GROB Systems announced the availability of its new universal machining center, the G150, rounding out the company’s universal machining center range of products. The modular G-series system has continually set the bar for productivity and process safety.

The G150 is positioned for the precision engineering, medical technology, mold and die, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries as the only horizontal 5-axis machining center in its class, the company says. During the development of the G150, particular emphasis was placed on spatial accuracy to achieve excellent surface finishes and the highest form and position tolerances. In addition, accuracy for machining complex, high-precision components was also a main focus.

As part of the G-series, the G150 features a rigid 5-axis horizontal design with capabilities to invert the table and machine upside down for optimal chip evacuation. The unique ergonomic design is suited for shops and automation integration with easy access to the work area. New additions to the modular options system are the HSK E40 spindle with up to 42,000 rpm and a compact table with central clamping. This makes the G150 particularly attractive for application areas such as medical technologies, with smaller parts and smaller tools.



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