Hardy Announces New Version of E-Scale IIoT Bench Scales

Hardy Process Solutions has designed a new version of its IIoT-ready  (Industrial Internet of Things) E-Scale Bench scale series that makes set-up and use even easier than the original design. The new E-Scale design brings power and networking connections out to the edge of the scale for a fully plug-n-play user experience.

“Simply remove the E-Scale from its box, connect power, click in a network cable and the scale is ready for use; no assembly required!” says senior product manager, Tim Norman. “With a built-in Webserver, simply type in the E-Scale’s network address, click C2 electronic calibration and make fast stable weight readings available to your network.”

With a direct industrial network connection via EtherNet/IP, Profibus-DP, and Modbus protocols, the IIoT-ready scale base includes an integrated Hardy weight processor. Hardy E-Scales are ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory, dry food processing, and industrial installations. Applications include piece count and portion control, minor ingredients or hand-add applications, small batch reactor applications for food, pharmaceuticals or chemical/biochemical, machine filling and dispensing, conveyer scales, and more.

The E-Scale-6500 is an IIoT-ready scale with integrated weight processing and communications. The E-Scale-6600 series is capable of powering up to 20 scales, daisy-chained up to 50 ft. from beginning to end, providing a single Ethernet connection back to the PLC/PAC or PC – no additional power, routers or network switches are required.

All E-Scales come standard in 12” x 12” and 24” x 24” sizes, and range in capacity from 33 lbs. to 1300 lbs. (15 kg to 600 kg). With built-in communications, Hardy E-Scales eliminate possible failure points and the cost of extra splice-boxes and other network components.

Bench scale covers are stainless steel for superior durability. Bases have no bearings, spirit levels or moving parts that could be easily damaged or worn out. Hardy E-Scales come standard with Hardy Process Toolbox features, including: Waversaver, C2, Webserver, and Rockwell Automation integration tools such as Faceplates and Add-on- Profiles.

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