Hartzell Extends Backcountry Prop Discounts to RAF Supporters

Hartzell Propeller will extend a $1,000 discount to supporters of the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) on all new Hartzell backcountry aircraft propellers, through 2024. In addition to these savings, Hartzell Propeller is making a $250 contribution to the RAF mission for each of these special sales.  

“We are pleased to be able, once again, to extend this special offer to RAF supporters for the fourth consecutive year,” said Hartzell President JJ Frigge. “In addition to providing these $1,000 discounts on backcountry props, we will contribute $250 directly to the RAF for each propeller sold as a result of this special offer. This is an example of our continuing support for the adventure of flight, and the RAF’s mission to preserve aviation access to the backcountry,” he added.  

RAF Chairman John McKenna said, “Once again, we are very appreciative for Hartzell’s continued support of the RAF. This relationship is special, and it is a genuine benefit to RAF supporters, and a real incentive to becoming a new RAF supporter.”

Voyager, Pathfinder, and Trailblazer Props

The backcountry propellers offered include:

The Voyager – three-blade Aluminum Scimitar – Optimized for the Cessna 180, 182, 185, and 206 fleets powered by certain Continental 470 engines, and Continental 520 and 550 engines under a recent STC.

The Pathfinder – three-blade “Raptor” carbon fiber composite – Available for the Cubcrafters XCub and Carbon Cub FX, as well as the Glasair Sportsman, American Legend and several other experimental aircraft.

The Trailblazer – two-blade or three-blade carbon fiber composite – Available for various aircraft models from American Champion, American Legend, Aviat, Avipro, Cubcrafters, Glasair, Maule, and several other experimental aircraft.   Each of these propellers is designed to maximize performance for backcountry operations, including shorter takeoff rolls and better climb rates.