Heatcon Composite Systems Introduces Revolutionary Heat Application for Composite Repair

Heatcon Composite Systems, Inc. has announced it will debut a new technology for the aircraft composite repair market. An innovator in composite repair technology for more than three decades, Heatcon brings to market a new heating technology called the “HCS9400-02 Smart Susceptor.” Due to its ability to repair unique and complex aircraft parts, this Smart Susceptor cutting-edge technology is sure to transform the industry in more ways than one.

“Existing composite repair equipment relies heavily on technician experience to achieve temperature uniformity when repairing complex structures on new aircraft models such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350,” stated Eric Casterline, president of Heatcon Composite Systems. “We are excited to announce the introduction of our Smart Susceptor technology which helps to make the technician’s job easier by incorporating advances in control and heating technology for these types of repairs,” Casterline concluded.

The innovative Smart Susceptor technology employs the use of a high-frequency inductive power supply combined with temperature limiting heating wire to transform heat blankets into an active mechanism to improve thermal uniformity. The application of this advanced technology ensures that composite materials are properly cured and repaired.
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