Here’s to You

As one year comes to an end and another begins, I want to take a moment to express gratitude to aviation maintenance professionals all around the world. To those of you who dedicate you life to learning the inner workings of the aircraft that carry us, our families and loved ones, our precious cargo, our pets and more to destinations across the globe, you have our unending appreciation. Whether you are in maintenance planning, supply chain, maintenance software, avionics, airframes, engines, sheet metal, the tool crib, wiring, parts, back shops, training or manage some or all of the above, please know that your efforts and dedication are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

A cold wave has descended across much of North America as I write this note. It reminds me that regardless of the weather, the professionals entrusted with the care of aircraft must continue on in spite of weather conditions. More often today there is a hangar that is environmentally controlled to work in. But sometimes aircraft break in the most inconvenient of places and require work to be completed on a freezing ramp in precipitation of many kinds. My hands hurt just thinking about trying to manipulate tools and parts in the kind of weather we are experiencing in much of the U. S. right now.

On the flip side, I remember the hottest days of last summer. Thinking about working on an aircraft in an un-air-conditioned hangar with sweat dripping and clouding eyesight, becoming dehydrated and being under the pressure of departure time while the passengers wait comfortably in air-conditioned terminals is enough to make me thirsty.

To those aircraft maintainers who saw something wrong on someone else’s aircraft, perhaps it was even a rival airline’s aircraft, and stopped to point it out, we salute you.

To those aircraft maintainers who took the time to take a new mechanic under your wing and help them learn the ropes, do things the right way and pass along your knowledge and passion, we salute you.


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