Iberia chooses navAero iPad EFB with Aircraft Interface Device

navAero announced today that Iberia, part of the International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A. (IAG) has chosen the navAero iPad Air Class 2 EFB system as the platform of choice for their expansive electronic flight bag initiative.

The highly adaptable navAero iPad “Smart” Mount system with the built-in power/data interface module will be deployed with the Universal Aircraft Interface Device that will provide for certified connectivity to aircraft power as well as ARINC 429 & 717 data and aircraft discretes. The integrated system will allow for Iberia to realize maximum functionality of the iPad Air tablet as a deployed EFB platform.

Iberia will launch their EFB deployment program with their Airbus A319/320/321 fleet with first installations planned in early first quarter 2014. The Airbus A330 and A340 fleets will follow.

Rafael Jiménez Hoyos, COO of Iberia, states: “The flexibility embedded in the navAero design solutions has been the key to achieving an affordable, scalable and upgradable solution. That, together with a reliable and trusted partner like navAero, was exactly what Iberia was looking for.”

“navAero is tremendously pleased to have Iberia join our ever-growing family of airlines who have embraced our Class 2 EFB technology solutions,” says Simone Giordano, president, navAero Group. “The rapidly expanding number of customers who have chosen our iPad/Tablet system tell us that we have developed the right STC’d solution to provide cost-effective end-to-end connectivity from aircraft to operations to fulfill their needs both today and well into the future. At the same time navAero provides engineering service like the just-succesfully-passed EMI and RD testing for the selected Iberia tablet – Apple Ipad Air.”


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