Iberia Teams With Madrid Government Over Aircraft Maintenance Degree

Iberia and the Education, Youth and Sport Bureau of the Madrid Regional Government are to develop a vocational training degree that will be held, starting in October, at two secondary schools in Madrid.

A total of 50 students, 25 per school, will be enrolled each year in the Advanced Vocational Training degree in Aeromechanical Maintenance. Applications for this degree may be submitted from 27 June through 4 July.

The duration of the Iberia Campus Aircraft Maintenance will be two school years. In the first year, classes will be held in the schools, and in the second year the training will be chiefly held at Iberia’s maintenance facilities in La Muñoza, near the Madrid airport, with 40 percent of the training to be given in the classroom and the remaining 60 percent in workshops.

Students taking part in this vocational training degree, who earn the qualification of Advanced Technician, may complete their practical training in Iberia’s aircraft maintenance workshops in a third year, during which they may sit for European Air Safety Agency Category B examinations. Successful examinees will be qualified for employment as aircraft maintenance technicians in all European Union member states and throughout the European Economic Space. In the second and third years, the students will be awarded a grant.

According to Iberia’s chief technical officer, André Wall, “the Vocational Training degree Iberia Campus Aircraft Maintenance is a great opportunity for those young people who would like a career in aircraft maintenance. We offer technical and practical training backed by Iberia’s 90 years of history as an airline and as a provider of aircraft maintenance services to third customers. Our participation in this programme with the Madrid Regional Government’s Education, Youth and Sport Bureau is an indication of our commitment to society and to supporting talented youth, who will be tomorrow’s technicians.”

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