IFS Unveils Latest Version of IFS Maintenix Operator Edition for Airlines/Fleet Operators

IFS released the latest upgrade to its aviation maintenance and engineering system, IFS Maintenix Operator Edition. The new release incorporates enhancements across all functional areas of maintenance management, including supply chain, engineering, maintenance execution, security and compliance.

Available immediately, the latest iteration of IFS Maintenix Operator Edition features:

  • Optimized parts management
  • Automated follow-on maintenance
  • Stronger work authorization and compliance management
  • Improved system manageability
  • Certified technology

“IFS is committed to helping our customers stay ahead in highly-competitive industry conditions. With maintenance continuing to be a major cost area, there is the potential to increase profits by maximizing efficiencies. This is why we continue to update our industry-leading software solutions, embodying customer-driven advancements and arming them with the capabilities they need to stay ahead of their competition,” said Jeff Cass, VP, Strategy, Aerospace & Defense Business Unit, IFS. “Our customer base, together with the development team behind IFS Maintenix Operator Edition, have recognized the potential for new efficiencies and the benefits of data-driven decision-making. This latest update offers tangible benefits centered on the business needs of our airline and fleet operator customers.”

IFS Maintenix Operator Edition is used to manage more than 20 percent of the world’s active commercial and military fleets, according to IFS.

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