ILS and Component Control Launch ILS Bridge for Quantum

ILS and CCI are excited to launch the ILS Bridge for Quantum. This new solution will allow automated listing of Quantum Inventory on ILS and provide real-time connectivity between Quantum Control and ILS, the world’s leading digital aerospace marketplace. The solution will be generally available as of today.

“Mutual Quantum ERP and ILS customers have asked for this capability given the criticality of both systems in our customers’ aviation supply chain,” says John Herrman, EVP and GM at ILS. “This integration solution will connect our software platforms and begin unlocking the combined value of our platforms”, says Todd Lewis, President and GM of Component Control.

The ILS Bridge for Quantum is a fully integrated, real-time connectivity solution that simplifies inventory and RFQ management for buyers, provides robust out-of-the-box functionality, and enables intelligent supply chain management with improved data integrity. Functionality sets include;

  • Easy selection of inventory and stock lines for auto-posting to the ILS Marketplace, providing customers the choice to list all of their inventory or only selected items. As customers use the bridge to automatically refresh their verified inventory, ILS adds value to the search ranking, and gives those customers a greater opportunity to be on the first line of the ILS search results.
  • Efficient issuing of RFQ’s and purchase Orders directly through Quantum, including automated response management, allows customers to issue RFQs to selected vendors within ILS and use Quantum Control to manage the RFQ responses.

According to Tim Hernandez, I.T. Manager at Pacific Southwest Instruments “The ILS Bridge for Quantum reflects the forward thinking approach companies like PSI expect, and as a long-standing ILS and Quantum Control user, we appreciate that CAMP Systems listens to their customers and is delivering on our needs to create more synergies between these software platforms.”

Said Sean Lanagan, President of Enterprise Information Systems of CAMP, “when we acquired ILS, our goal was to provide a superior experience to customers by integrating ILS with our other software platforms. This is the first step, quickly delivering on that goal, and there is more to come, including a real-time integration with CORRIDOR. We are committed to developing a software ecosystem that helps the aviation industry achieve ever higher levels of efficiency, profitability and safety.”

In addition to the ILS Bridge for Quantum announcement, ILS also announced further improvements to the Parts Watch and Catalog products, providing improved customer benefits e.g.

  • Parts Watch now monitors for PMA equivalents, automates RFQ triggered response, and allows users to predefine condition codes and select geographical regions
  • Catalog functionality allows customers to create catalogs directly from their inventory listed on ILS with integrated links back to the customers’ website and ILS marketplace search integration.

Today the solution will be available for review and demonstration via an on-demand webinar.

“ILS and Component Control have worked very closely with their customers to develop solutions that streamline their supply chain. In today’s aviation market conditions this is especially important, as our customers want to ensure their parts needs or inventory supplies are updated accurately in real-time so that their prospective partners can do business with them without any concern for data- or inventory integrity,” say Herrman and Lewis.

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