JAA Training’s First Classroom-Based Training Package Approved by ICAO

The Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization (JAA TO) has had its first classroom-based Standardized Training Package (STP) approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in November. The “Safety Management for Approved Maintenance Organizations under ICAO/EASA Rules” training course was delivered for the first time in October 2018, in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. The session was observed and validated by Mostafa Hoummady, senior validator; Paula Vieira de Almeida, JAA TO’s director, as OJT Validator; JAA TO’s senior ICAO qualified course developer, Ceyrine Pellikaan; and her assistant Carolyn Mayes.

“As part of my responsibilities, I oversee development of new courses and ensure that our existing portfolio is continuously updated according to JAA TO’s high-quality training standards,” says Pellikaan, who holds a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Sciences, coordinated the project with her team. “As an ICAO Regional Training Center of Excellence (RTCE), JAA TO is also responsible for the development of ICAO-harmonized training packages, according to the TRAINAIR Plus methodology,” she explains.

The new course is focused on the implementation of SMS in Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMOs). SMS for AMOs is a core ICAO-Annex 19 requirement. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is planning to introduce SMS requirements for PART-M/CAMO and PART-145 continuing airworthiness organizations. In accordance with the new rules, SMS should be implemented by 2021 for PART-M/CAMO and by 2023 for PART-145 organizations.

Having an STP approved by ICAO is a complex process. JAA TO says it is honored to contribute to the mission of ICAO and EASA, providing the industry with high-quality competency-based training courses. Through this STP, trainees gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to implement EASA and ICAO Management System requirements within AMOs the group says.

The TRAINAIR Plus methodology consists of three phases: 1) preliminary analysis of the problem the prospective course wishes to solve; 2) design of the course tools based on what the trainees should be able to do, rather than to simply know; and 3) validation phase with a group of participants acting as a sample target-audience. In the last phase, participants play a crucial role in sharing opinions, comments and feedback on where to improve, and expert validators report progresses back to ICAO.

As an ICAO RTCE, JAA TO has a responsibility to both lead the aviation training industry as well as to, in coordination with ICAO, develop, improve and provide training courses according to the excellent TRAINAIR Plus methodology; thereby assisting ICAO in further disseminating the SARPs and recognized best practices for safety. The development of this and future STP courses contributes in a real sense to the accomplishment of these responsibilities.

More information about the training course “Safety Management for Approved Maintenance Organizations under ICAO/EASA Rules” can be found at: www.jaato.com.

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