Jamco Venture Premium Class Seats Installed in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ 777 World Business Class

Aircraft interior products supplier and turnkey integrator, Jamco Corporation, announced through a collaboration with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), its Venture reverse herringbone premium class seats have been installed in the World Business Class (WBC) of KLM’s B777 Fleet. The Jamco Venture design, conceived in collaboration with KLM, was designed with comfort and sustainability in mind, while minimizing operational costs for airlines. WBC seats by Jamco Venture are 10-15% lighter than traditional seats, easy to install, and require less overall maintenance.

Jamco Venture seats were installed by KLM in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving all WBC passengers more privacy and comfort. Now, all WBC passengers have direct access to the aisle and every seat has a lightweight sliding door that can be easily opened and closed, so that the seat can be closed off for more privacy when working, relaxing and/or sleeping. The seats offer personal adjustment options and user-friendly functionality, including an adjustable lower-back support and a relax setting with a subtle back massage feature so the seat can reclined fully flat to form a comfortable 198cm-long bed. Multiple charging sockets are easily accessible and clearly visible, and passengers have a wireless charging option. Passengers can also now stow their belongings in a lockable compartment, which has a built-in mirror. The seat features a recessed bottle holder, so that passengers can safely leave a water bottle on their tabletop, even during turbulence.

By design, the WBC seats by Jamco Venture are built to last and can be easily maintained for many years of service. When eventually the product is ready to be retired from service, a significant portion of the product can be recycled as its materials are easy to disassemble and repurpose at end of life

KLM’s entire Boeing 777-300 and 200 fleet will be fitted with the new WBC seats by Jamco Venture. The full revamp will be completed during the course of the coming year.

Jamco Venture is installed in World Business Class aboard KLM’s 787 fleet. With this KLM’s recent deployment of 777 fleet, Jamco believes the Venture will be another option for aircraft cabin for airlines all over the world.