Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center Launches 3D App JetVision

Jet Aviation Basel launched its 3D application, JetVision, recently. The company says JetVision provides their clients with a secure way to interact with the facility and visually manage their completions projects.
The company says the app helps put completions in the client’s control. The app provides virtual access to a project from anywhere in the world, removing the traditional geographical limitations and challenges of project management.
3D visuals give depictions of design and engineering before the first part is built. It also offers secure progress reports, images, video and keeps a client in the loop. When the aircraft is in service, interactive and intuitive interior maintenance and spare parts support are all easily accessible in-app.
“Over recent years, Jet Aviation has made significant use of 3D technology, from Design to Engineering, Production and Installation,” says Neil Boyle, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center. “Complementing traditional paper-based 2D documentation, we are now in a position to give a client vivid 3D content that accurately depicts a project’s evolution.”

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