Jet Aviation Designs VIP Cabin Concept for the New BBJ 777X

Jet Aviation unveiled Boeing Business Jets’ new BBJ 777X at MEBAA 2018 with a VIP cabin concept. The Jet Aviation design dubbed Shaheen, meaning Royal White Falcon, blends modern and classic elements. Boeing Business Jets launched its new BBJ 777X, along with Jet Aviation’s interior design, at MEBAA in Dubai in December.

The Jet Aviation Design Studio in Basel partnered with Boeing Business Jets to support the unveiling of the new globe-spanning wide-body BBJ 777X. Renderings of Jet Aviation’s stunning VIP cabin design are on display at the Boeing Business Jet MEBAA chalet. The interior is designed to accommodate 43 passengers plus a crew of eleven.

The interior concept takes advantage of the BBJ 777X’s size and the company says it features “lounges, a game and cinema area, a stately office, private work spaces, three guest bedrooms and a master suite that includes its own lounge, luxurious bedroom, spacious dressing/bathroom area and a very large shower and hammam.”

“Like many contemporary homes, our design incorporates modern and traditional elements that are contrasted through the use of colors, materials and the general design intent,” explains director of Design at the Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center, Elisabeth Harvey. “This is intensified with extremely detailed, very light ceilings and sidewall treatments with patterns and traditional paneling structures, opposing the darker wood floor which replicates the ceiling pattern with fine marquetry inlays. Light sidewall and bulkhead treatments are balanced by minimalistic but colorful furniture with delicate detailing, such as engraving inlays and floral fabric inserts. “

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