Jetaire Group Named GLOBE Award Winner by the State of Georgia

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s International Trade division joined Governor Brian Kemp to recognize Jetaire Group as a winner of Georgia’s 7th annual GLOBE Awards. This state-led awards program highlights companies that have entered new international markets as well as had a significant impact on the overall economy in the state of Georgia.

“Success in global markets takes commitment and hard work. Our Georgia made products and services are making a mark around the world,” said Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp. “We’re proud to celebrate these companies for their contributions to a thriving Georgia economy through exports.”

Jetaire Group is a full-service aircraft engineering firm that provides global services to clients in the aviation and aerospace industries. They specialize in aircraft fuel tank safety, fuel tank ignition mitigation, and FAR 25.981and FTFR Rule certification requirements that comply with U.S. and international aviation standards. They are best known for their INVICTA technology which is the only patented aircraft fuel tank ignition mitigation system that utilizes a proprietary reticulated polyurethane foam to reduce the incidents of fuel tank explosions caused by heated fuel vapor, tank rupture, lightning strike, and static discharge.

Jetaire Group is the developer and manufacturer of the INVICTA system which has been installed in a variety of Boeing and Airbus models flying in some of the most active aviation markets in the world including Mexico, Brazil, and Europe. They have four international offices (France, United States, Peru, and Canada) and have provided more than 150 value-added technical and engineering solutions to customers in 58 countries. Jetaire Group’s 35-year reputation and engineering expertise has made them a trusted leader in supporting the aerospace industry worldwide.

“We are committed to meet the international safety needs of airlines flying around the world, and we are honored to be recognized as a 2020 Globe Award Winner,” said Michael Williams, CEO and President of Jetaire Group. “International trade plays a key role in maintaining Georgia as a leader in the global marketplace, and we are proud to be able to contribute to this success.”

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