Kalitta Air Adopts dentCHECK to Enhance Maintenance Operations

Cargo airline Kalitta Air has begun using 8tree’s dentCHECK to enhance the efficiency and quality of its dent-mapping activities. dentCHECK is a handheld-portable, completely wireless 3D scanner tool with integrated AR that is purpose-built for the aviation maintenance industry. It is now used by the commercial, cargo and defense MROs. Delivering real-time ‘go/no-go’ answers at the push of a single-button, the tool significantly reduces damage-mapping and reporting times, compared to traditional manual methods that use depth-gauges and straight-edges.

“With the implementation of 8tree’s dentCHECK technology, Kalitta Air’s dent mapping program will be elevated to the next level. We look forward to working with 8tree in implementing this state-of-the-art technology”, said Zoltan Kocis, vice president of Maintenance, Engineering and Procurement, Kalitta Air.

“We are delighted to welcome Kalitta Air to the rapidly growing global community of dentCHECK users”, said Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8tree. “Kalitta Air joins the ranks of more than three dozen MROs, airlines and OEMs that use dentCHECK daily to disposition dent-damage on aircraft across the cargo, commercial, business and defense aviation sectors. We look forward to supporting Kalitta Air’s maintenance operations and having them experience 8tree’s exceptional customer service.”

dentCHECK is approved and recognized by all major aerospace OEMs (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer) and used by the world’s leading airlines/MROs for fast and accurate damage-mapping and SRM-compliant multi-dent reporting. When compared to traditional inspection methods, dentCHECK delivers a 90% gain in efficiency and 37x better measurement consistency.

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