Kaman Measuring Highlights SMT-9700 Position/Displacement System Ideal for Analytical and OEM Applications

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products highlights the availability of its SMT 9700 position/displacement system, which provides high resolution non-contact position/displacement feedback of virtually any electrically conductive target.

Kaman says its flexible SMT 9700 features “easy, cost-effective performance customization that provides an excellent fit for customer applications – and at significant cost savings for volume applications.” The SMT 9700 system can be used for optics positioning in photolithography equipment, XYZ stage positioning in atomic force microscopy, and spindle position in precision grinding of bearing races.
The SMT 9700 uses Kaman’s eddy current sensor technology and provides nanometer to sub-nanometer resolution in a small package size. Available with 13 standard sensor options, the SMT 9700 system also enables users to customize sensor type and configuration, cable length, calibration range and offset, as well as performance attributes, linearity, bandwidth, and temperature.

The SMT 9700 is available in 1, 2 and 3 channel configurations. With the 3-channel option, all channels can work off the same frequency and be tuned together. Users can achieve considerable cost savings by reducing mounting costs and saving on machine space and tuning all 3 channels together.


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