L3Harris Launches Automated Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder Validation Service

L3Harris Technologies has launched Express Readout, an automated aircraft recorder validation service which provides the necessary reports about recorder functionality as mandated by aviation authorities.

Global aviation authorities require aircraft operators to provide annual compliance for flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders, including those with datalink capabilities to prove they are functioning correctly. Express Readout allows operators to upload the recorder files to the secure server for validation, without manually removing the device.

“This automated service is revolutionary for the industry as it provides operators with the ability to test their equipment and generate the necessary documentation faster than ever before,” explained Chris Jesse, chief technology officer, Flight Data Services, L3Harris. “With Express Readout, operators are provided with a much faster and higher level of accuracy when compared with human validation alone; saving time and resources.”

Express Readout’s patented algorithms also identify unusual parameter patterns and highlight these to the user for inspection. Interactive charts allow users to inspect every parameter in detail and assess up to 50 flight hours of data, across multiple flights, within the same readout. Users can download the report files in various formats and the results are stored indefinitely on the secure platform, exceeding regulatory requirements.

Express Readout is available as an automated self-service solution or as a full-service validation, which includes an expert assessment on the recorded data.

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