Laser Photonics’ Introduces DefenseTech MLRI-2000 Tool for Defense Industry MRO

Laser Photonics, a developer of CleanTech laser systems for laser cleaning, has recently launched its DefenseTech Missile Laser Rust Inhibitor (MLRI) 2000 laser system.

“Corrosion is an issue that continues to plague the defense industry and the MLRI-2000 is the perfect solution to this problem,” said Wayne Tupuola, chief executive officer of Laser Photonics. “With this product, industry professionals can effectively prolong the lifespan and performance of missiles and other equipment.”

The MLRI-2000 laser cleaning system created by Laser Photonics is the ideal solution to the military and defense industry’s unique maintenance-related challenges. This technology is able to remove corrosion and rust from the surface of missiles and other equipment without damaging the underlying material. Corrosion is a multibillion-dollar issue that affects military readiness by taking critical weapon systems out of action and creating safety hazards. With the MLRI-2000, operators can tackle all of this while eliminating the health and safety concerns that come with using traditional methods.

Missile Laser Rust Inhibitor LPC-MLRI

The MLRI is a handheld laser cleaning machine and surface preparation system designed to remove rust, paint, and other elements from a variety of surface types. Laser Photonics DefenseTech cleaning equipment provides a safe and effective solution for all branches of the military to maintain and operate vehicles, aircraft, ships, equipment and more. Laser cleaning is faster, safer, and more efficient than traditional cleaning methods.