Last Bolt Ceremony for GE9X Held at MTU Aero Engines

MTU Aero Engines in Munich has completed the first development turbine center frame (TCF) to go into the GE9X engine. The company celebrated with a “Last Bolt Ceremony.
“In this engine program, we are not only responsible for the manufacture of the TCF, but also assumed responsibility for its development right from the outset,” explained Dr. Jörg Henne, SVP Engineering and Technology, at the last bolt ceremony held in Munich in late January. “To make the deadline, we have completed the first GE9X TCF within record time,” according to Theodor Pregler, SVP Commercial Programs at MTU in Munich.
The new GE engine has been selected to be the propulsion system for the Boeing 777X. Delivering more than 100,000 pounds of thrust, the GE9X will be the most fuel-efficient engine ever produced by GE Aviation on a per-pounds-of-thrust basis. MTU says the schedule is as follows: The first run of the engine is slated for this spring, and entry into service is expected for 2020. To date, there are firm orders for more than 300 of the aircraft.
Said Pregler: “We have a stake of four percent in the GE9X program. This secures MTU a significant market share in one of the most important next-generation engines in the upper thrust category.” Long-haul commercial transports are considered a rapidly growing segment of the airliner market that is only moderately exposed to economic fluctuations. Taken over the entire life of the GE9X, MTU expects the program to generate revenues in the amount of some four billion euros. The TCF for the GE9X is the most highly sophisticated turbine center frame in MTU’s portfolio from a technology point of view. “Starting from the basic architecture of the TCF for the GEnx, we’ve made some comprehensive optimizations,” reported Henne. These improvements include enhanced constructions and a new suspension concept for the first LPT vane.”

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