AVMWebsiteHomeAviation Maintenance has redesigned its website. I could write about the old one and how many challenges and limitations it had. I could do some research and tell you about some of the complaints we received about it. I could lament the old, tired look of it.

But let’s not dwell on the past, shall we? What I am saying is we have redesigned and launched our new website and I’m sure you will agree, it was about time. The redesign of a website is a big undertaking and we didn’t begin it lightly.

To redesign, recreate and move all the previous content over to the new design was daunting.

We set among the goals for our new design that it be faster, easier to navigate and be easy for us to manage and update. We wanted researching for past issues and articles to be easier for our subscribers. We wanted the website to become more of an extension of what we are bringing to you in the magazine, not only repurposed content.

The url remains the same, Once there, the first thing you may see is a pop-up asking you to subscribe. We want you to subscribe – it’s important to us that you are receiving the magazine and to do so, you must request it. Some people have asked why we stopped sending the magazine to them. Well, the answer is simple. You must request to receive it and you must renew your request every two to three years. In this way, we ensure to our auditors, who provide a third party guarantee that we have as many readers as we say we do, and advertisers that we have readers who are genuinely engaged in our industry and want to receive the magazine.

Some of the new features include a simpler login for current subscribers allowing access to five years of back copies. You can now download any issue as a pdf file. You can keyword search articles. You now have the ability to share and print articles. On the home page you will find the current issue, article highlights and further down, more news not featured in the magazine.

To access all the back issues, on the home page you will see highlighted in green the words: Read Current/Back Copies. Click on those words to be taken to the current issue and all the back issues dating to 2010. Once there, you may download any of those issues as a pdf. Enjoy!

The new website makes it easier for readers to update/renew your free subscription and get your password for logging in to the digital editions. My previous password still worked perfectly to access the area. You can also now access the annual Repair Center Directory as a separate pdf without logging into the subscriber’s section.

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