Linking European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) Competence Building Training looks at the benefits of being able to personally demonstrate EASA CAMO Regulatory Training background


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) obligations are proscribed within EASA’s Implementing Rules EU 1321/2014.

A CAMO is directly responsible to the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder. A CAMO must also maintain detailed airworthiness records of the maintenance due as well as the maintenance performed ensuring we are able to demonstrate Continuing Airworthiness.

Key CAMO Staff typically engage in Maintenance Planning, Technical Engineering, Technical Records, and Reliability Staff and are usually employed in multiple roles within the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, consider that each and all of these staff have the potential to impact on the organisation’s safety outcomes.

The goal of the CAMO Diploma online training package is to grow competence and to facilitate the best possible level of engagement throughout the business process.

What Does the Sofema Online CAMO Diploma do for me?

It demonstrates quite effectively that you have completed a significant amount of regulatory and vocational related training demonstrating a fundamental knowledge within your chosen subject.

Does the CAMO Diploma Support my Career

Of course – consider if you have are seeking employment and you can present the Sofema CAMO Diploma you already have a “head start” compared to other applicants.

Does the CAMO Diploma Support the Organisation?

Managing Competence is a key factor in any organisation and by raising awareness across such a diverse group of subjects will without doubt provide a direct organisational benefit in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency

How to Obtain a CAMO Diploma?

The CAMO Diploma is awarded when the delegate has successfully completed and passed the following courses

a) Part M Regulations with Voice Over

b) Maintenance Planning Full Package (5 separate courses in 1 package)

c) Technical Records

d) EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

e) Developing an Effective Reliability Program Essentials

f) Introduction to the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

g) Maintenance Error Management System & MEDA Training Program

h) Engine Condition Trend Monitoring

i) RVSM Continued Airworthiness & Maintenance Practices

How Do I get the Diploma?

By Enrolling for the Package, completing the courses above (you receive 13 certificates during your training)

Enrol now through the following link

Once you have completed and successfully passed all courses, simply contact and we will at our cost deliver your diploma worldwide

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