Lorin Coil Service Center Offers Comprehensive Services for Anodized Aluminum Customers

Lorin Industries is promoting its Coil Service Center (CSC). The company says they offer “the most comprehensive services available in the industry for slitting, shearing to leveled sheets, custom packaging, and more.” Whether destined for architectural, transportation, or consumer goods use, Lorin’s anodized aluminum is ideally suited for its end use thanks to the CSC’s services.

In addition, Lorin operates an in-house laboratory for color-matching and other testing. Experts measure and test the color value (according to the Hunter L. A. B. 3-dimensional color scale), anodic layer (using ASTM B137 testing), and gloss to verify that all are in specification multiple times during each manufacturing run. The testing laboratory uses an Atlas Weatherometer to perform accelerated weathering tests on Lorin materials to make sure they stand the test of time. Additionally the lab conducts and has testing data available for other tests, such as Salt Spray, Anodic Layer Seal Quality, and Abrasion Resistance.

When it comes to logistics, whether the anodized aluminum coils are secured to skids, shrink wrapped, or custom crated, Lorin transports its material to customers conveniently and damage-free. The company offers international packaging designed by packaging engineers, as well as proven, specialized packaging for domestic shipments. Lorin’s sheet stock skids are designed to provide protection surrounding the entire package, and the company builds custom crating when necessary to protect shipments.

Anodized aluminum is most often shipped to manufacturers in full coils, which can weigh up to 15,000 lbs. While this is a suitable bulk delivery method for many, it’s not ideal for all applications. Lorin’s CSC also delivers cut-to-length anodized aluminum sheets for clients who require or prefer leveled, sheeted material, such as for architectural projects that require panels of anodized aluminum or consumer goods with smaller parts. Lorin delivers the following range of anodized sheet sizes: gauge range of 0.004″ (0.1mm) up to 0.080″ (2.0 mm); loading width range of 7″ (178 mm) up to 62″ (1575 mm); and cut sheet lengths from 8″ (203 mm) up to 182″ (4622 mm).

When shearing anodized sheets to custom lengths and widths, Lorin utilizes leveling techniques that do not damage the anodic layer, ensuring the visual and performance benefits of the coil anodized aluminum are not compromised, thus ensuring a high quality end product.
Lorin offers a full service center to provide our customers with high quality made in America products and outstanding service and attention to detail.

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