Lufthansa Technik Spin-Off Skeyos Takes MRO Procurement Digital

Skeyos, an independent spin-off of Lufthansa Technik, has been active in the MRO market since January, 2018. At MRO Europe in Amsterdam, Skeyos will deliver insights into the progress of its growing digital procurement platform. Its innovative marketplace is already changing sourcing habits across the MRO industry.

Skeyos says purchasers and suppliers alike can benefit from their online marketplace for component services. They have developed the platform to bring the benefits of digitalization to MRO services procurement. “Our experience shows that the industry views digitalization as a mixed blessing. Everybody sees the huge opportunities it provides, but nonetheless also fears the disruptive changes it inevitably brings to everyday operations,” commented Pascal Knoll, manager Business Development at Skeyos. The platform’s initial go-live in the EMEA region in January at the MRO Middle East in Dubai was later followed by a launch in the Americas region at MRO Americas in Orlando. Before year’s end, Skeyos says it will launch in Asia-Pacific.

“Personal contact and close on-site support during phase-in helped us to convince many users of our new platform and to gain their trust that digitalisation can actually become a success story for them with Skeyos. Aermeccanica, Czech Airlines Technics and Touchdown Aviation are only some of the companies that signed up to Skeyos recently,” said Pascal Knoll.

Touchdown Aviation already tested the platform. “On average the process of receiving quotes till the completion of an overhaul for an A319 overpressure valve takes more time than the few days we now have experienced by using the Skeyos Marketplace,” Liedeweij Stouten, senior sales support at TDA, says. “We even double-checked with Skeyos if indeed everything had gone well.” Lufthansa Technik is also represented on the platform as both purchaser and supplier of capabilities worldwide.

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