LX Series Sheave Alignment System with ColorGage Alignment Targets

Laser Tools Co. has introduced the new LX Series Sheave Alignment System for aligning sheaves, belt and chain drive systems, conveyor rollers and pulley drives. The system uses a unique fluorescent and retro-reflective target design that changes the color of the laser light so that it can be seen in bright ambient light.

The LX Series Sheave Alignment System is available in three different wavelengths including Red, Green and Blue. Each ColorGage magnetic target includes a wide, color matched retro-reflective film and fluorescent stripe that displays the laser alignment line during adjustment. The company says this makes the laser adjustment line easy to see while the motor is moved and sheave alignment is measured.

The LX Series Sheave Alignment System includes three ColorGage Magnetic Targets, LX Series Sheave Alignment Laser and Carrying Case.
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