MD Helicopters’ Tilton Praises Progress Made in Customer Service

By Andrew Drwiega, Editor-in-chief

Heli-Expo, Dallas: “It takes a long time to shake stigma. I have to give kudos to our aftermarket team; they have taken a vision that I had and made it into reality. I don’t think we have had more than two AOGs this year,” said Lynn Tilton, MD Helicopter CEO and owner.

Tilton continues to talk-up the recovery of MD Helicopters: “the military have been a great blessing to this company.” She said that the company was significantly benefiting from a strategic focus on providing military aircraft such as the MD530F which is used by the Afghan Air Force and the new MD530G which is being bought by Malaysian Army Aviation – the launch customer.

Increased revenues have allowed MD Helicopters to begin higher levels of investment into customer support, witnessed at Heli-Expo 2016 by the launch of the customer support portal, The company reported that this practical development ‘immediately improved the quality of aftermarket and customer support interactions.’

Tilton added that the doubling of field service representatives had also been a major contributing factor to a better service offering for MD’s customers.

Having been largely scathing of the supply chain since she took over the company in July 2005, Tilton is keen for MD Helicopter operators to strengthen their direct relationship, particularly in parts. “We want them to buy our parts and not buy PMA parts.”

With MD Helicopters striving to improve its reputation, especially in the MRO field, it is focusing on boosting customer online accessibility with 3D imaging and new deals with companies such as Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) to allow better access to maintenance information.

“We started with the parts. We have got them in 3D and online and that has been the first step. We have to learn to bring the innovation – both product and process – to the customer,” concluded Tilton.


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