Mobil Jet Oil 387 Now Approved for P&W GTF

Mobil Jet Oil 387 Now Approved for P&W GTF

ExxonMobil’s Mobil Jet Oil 387, a synthetic turbine engine oil, has been approved by Pratt & Whitney for use in its PurePower Geared Turbofan 1900G engines. These engines include the PW1918G, PW1919G, PW1920G, PW1921G, PW1922G and PW1923G variants.

The PW1900G engines were designed to power Embraer’s E-Jet E2 E190 and E195 narrow body twin-engine jet airliners, which are scheduled to enter service in 2018.

“Known for its low propensity for coking, high load-carrying capability, and excellent compatibility with all elastomer seal materials, Mobil Jet Oil 387 is an ideal engine oil solution for operators of PW1900G engines,” said Vipin Rana, global aviation lubricants sales manager at ExxonMobil. “As we continue to garner approvals by Pratt & Whitney for its newest engine models, we’re confident that more airlines will adopt Mobil Jet Oil 387 due to its ability to provide optimal protection.”

Along with its load-carrying capabilities, ExxonMobil says Mobil Jet Oil 387 has custom-made esters and unique additives that help to providing exceptional deposit control and elastomer compatibility. Mobil Jet Oil 387 also offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability, wear protection and low temperature fluidity, according to the company.

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