More Than 100 Gulfstream Aircraft Enrolled in FORMS Program

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced today that more than 100 aircraft are now enrolled in the company’s Flight Operations Risk Management Service (FORMS), the largest base of business aircraft participating in any Flight Operations Quality Assurance/Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA/FDM) program. “We’ve reached a critical mass of aircraft to provide valuable data to those flight departments interested in using FOQA procedures to reduce risk in their flight operations,” said Randy Gaston, vice president, Flight Operations, Gulfstream. “Many airlines use FOQA technology to improve consistency and safety in operations, and Gulfstream is at the forefront of bringing this discipline to business aviation.” FORMS collects data from a Quick Access Recorder (QAR), processes defined parameters for takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach and landing, and identifies when certain criteria have been exceeded. When this occurs, the system identifies and analyzes the conditions present and provides a summary to the operator. Gulfstream also receives consolidated fleet data, which is used to enhance pilot training. FORMS increases operational safety by objectively and accurately measuring exposure to known risks, such as unstable approaches, system operating limits and adverse runway condition. Operators enrolled in the program receive quarterly reports on performance and the potential for risks. Every operator in the Gulfstream fleet has access to the annual fleet report, which consolidates all the results from FORMS-enrolled aircraft.

The consolidated data contains no operator-specific information such as an aircraft tail or serial number. This data can be used to target relevant areas for recurrent training, even for operators not enrolled in the FORMS program. “We have had several operators come to us with their quarterly FORMS reports asking for help in tailoring their pilots’ training to focus on specific needs,” said David Davenport, center manager, FlightSafety International, Savannah. “Having worked with Gulfstream since the inception of the program, we were prepared for these specific types of requests. Not only does the FORMS program provide a means to reduce risk in flight operations, it can also improve focus during training, even for experienced pilots.” “The data and feedback from operators using the service indicate a quick improvement in their operations and significant reductions in the quantity of unstable approaches,” Gaston said. MORE ONLINE

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