navAero Q400 EFB STC Validated by EASA

navAero announces the receipt of an EASA STC (10048381) on the Bombardier DHC-8-400 Series for the installation of Class 2 Tablet Electronic Flight Bag provisions for the navAero Tablet EFB System that includes the navAero Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAID). Provisions include pilot/first officer cockpit mounts that feature electrical connectivity for device charging and the option for data connectivity. The STC was granted as a validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certification (FAA STC ST03170NY) which has also received validation by Transport Canada (SA13-69).

The navAero Tablet EFB System consists of a modular, proprietary “Smart” Mount tablet holder that securely contains that tablet device and meets all appropriate DO-160 requirements. The holder is integrally equipped with the navAero Power/Data Interface (PDi) module that converts 28VDC from the aircraft power to power that is appropriate for charging the tablet device. The PDi module also feeds aircraft data (ARINC 429, 717, Discretes) from the navAero Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAID) to the tablet for use in various software applications. The UAID also provide the capability for enabling Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity along with built-in QAR functionality. The EASA STC allows for installation of the mount and provisions for either just power or for both power and data which includes the navAero UAID.

The STC was executed by navAero in cooperation with Delta Engineering who handled the validation process. The navAero EFB system uses an architecture that consists of dual cross-connected tablet devices with Ethernet connectivity to the navAero UAID. It allows for multiple variations of tablets to be hosted to achieve maximum flexibility and upgradeability.

“This achievement clearly shows the detail and depth of our certification capabilities and engineering documentation that has enabled us to gain rapid validation by EASA of the FAA STC,” says Simone Giordano, navAero executive vice president Sales and Marketing. “It also confirms that our Class 2 Tablet EFB Systems meet all the regulatory requirements to be a highly integrated part of a modern airline that provides end-to-end connectivity from aircraft to operations.”

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